• Attracts & Kills – Kills common household ants including acrobat, crazy, ghost, little black, odorous house, pavement, and other sweet-eating ants
  • Kills the Ants You See & the Ones You Don’t – As worker ants discover the bait, they share it with the rest of the colony to eliminate them all
  • Works Fast – You should see a significant decrease in the number of ants visiting the bait stations within just a few days
  • Ready to Use – Place the bait stations, watch it attract ants, and eliminate the entire colony
  • Use Throughout Your Home – Place stations near areas where you’ve seen ant activity including along baseboards, in corners, on counters, and more
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5 reviews for TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations

  1. Lindsay

    I very rarely write reviews which is kind of stupid because I usually read reviews prior to getting certain products. Therefore I guess I will start now, hoping I can help someone decide wether or not this product is for them. Before you read this long review I want to let you know this is the BEST product I have ever used.

    Before I tell you about how AMAZING this product was I will tell you what kind of Ant 🐜 problem I had. Maybe someone can relate.
    I have a parrot and he is in a room that is near a window. With all the different types of food he eats and with the warmer weather that we started having in my area (NJ) I started seeing ants outside. That’s when I started seeing some ants coming in from the bottom left corner of the frame of our window. I have never had an ant issue with the 17 years I live hear. Even having my parrot and all the amounts of food he eats. For some reason last year during the spring time is when I saw these crazy little annoying bugs come in my house.
    These ants seemed to be a different type of ant. One I have never seen before. They were small but the minute you go near them they would run away or scatter away super fast. I have an exterminator on my block and he told us they were sugar ants. What the hell is a sugar ant? Lol. Well I was told that these ants hide out in your shower and in the kitchen because of the sugary foods around. Why are they found in a bathroom is beyond me. But I looked it up after what he said and everything he told us was what I read on line about “sugar ants”. I mentioned that last year I had this problem and they were found behind the faucet in our shower. That’s another story. Anyway, before having an exterminator come into my house, I figured I would try to resolve the problem myself. So before buying this “AMAZING PRODUCT”, I purchased all the “Raid” products that come in the square plastic containers. The ones that come in white or grey containers. I put the Raid traps by the window and where else I thought they might come in. I actually tried the mixture of vinegar, sugar and water concoction that was told on line to use for these ants. But nothing worked. I doubt an ant even went to these traps because near my window they would go around those traps. I was getting frustrated because I skeeve bugs. And I was afraid of an exterminator coming in with my parrot living here. I wasn’t taken that chance of him dying with the chemicals. Anyway after coming to a dead end with the Raid traps I began reading and reading on so many products just to find a worthy product. That’s when I came across this product. It was very different than the normal products that are used to kill ants. So I figured why not, let me give it a try. I received my order really fast and was anxious to use them. After reading all the directions these baits were very easy to use. It comes in a thick clear rectangular container. To open it, it Reccomended to hold it up right and twist off the plastic top until it snaps off. It was a little tough for me to snap off the top like it says on the package. Therefore I used a pair of scissors to open the trap. Word of advise, if you need a pair of scissors to open your product, just make sure to keep the trap upright so the liquid doesn’t pour out. After opening the trap, I then placed this trap about 3-4 inches away from the bottom corner of the window. Right where I saw the ants coming in. They scurried away from me at first, but the minute I put this trap down it was shocking!! No joke. I was shocked to see all these ants go running toward the opening of this trap. The trap actually attracted more ants to come out of hiding to eat this food (crazy). I actually spilt a little bit on my windowsill and some ran to that and got stuck. But what was amazing to me was after I put the trap down and watching these ants go to it, it was shocking to see them run right back out of the corner of the windowsill. It was crazy. I just watched for a few minutes and to see them either get trapped inside the trap or grab some of the food in the trap and run back outside or wherever they came from. And by the end of the day they were gone. It’s about 2 weeks now since I only used one trap and I have yet to see another NASTY ANT!! Wahooo!!!! They are gone.

    This product is BY FAR THE BEST ANT PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED IN MY LIFE!! This is noooo joke. Therefore you can count on me to continue to purchase and use this product for any ant problem that might arise again. I will never buy a different type of ant trap again. No matter how popular people feel the “Raid” products might be. The sprays are only wonderful for the outdoors but for the inside the “Raid” products are definitely not as effective as this product is. I actually gave my neighbor 2 traps and after a day or two they were gone by him as well. These traps are crazy how wonderful they work. I swear by this product and I know if you purchase these traps you will too. I will never buy another kind of ant traps again. These are the BEST kind of ant traps on the market by far!!! And mind you, I AM NOT making any kind of commission from this company for this product review. I am just sooo happy my ant issue is gone for now. Sooo, if you want to get rid of these annoying, nasty bugs “FAST,” then purchase these traps. And I promise you, you will be so happy you did.

  2. Taylor Sypherd

    I’m never wasting money on anything else ever again. These things work and they work fast!

    I’m pet/house sitting for my boss and when I came over Tuesday evening the ants had overrun the kitchen from a crack near the back door in his living room. There were easily thousands of these things. Like it was so bad. They were in drawers, in the dishwasher, just everywhere!

    I went to the store hoping they had these in stock as I had used them before, but unfortunately they only had the Raid ones. I knew Raid was also pet safe so I picked up a 4 pack hoping that it would be fine.

    I put all 4 down within their path and maybe 1 or 2 ants were interested but it took about 30 min. The next morning it looked like there was maybe a little less but it was hard to tell.

    I came back after work Wednesday night and they were right back to where we started and none of the ants were touching the Raid baits anymore.

    So I got these overnight delievered and put them down about 2pm on Thursday. That picture of them in the trap was only after 10 minutes! Since there were so many ants in there they started going around it to still look for more food. I assumed it was because they couldn’t fit anymore in the trap so I put a second one down a bit later and after 30 minutes their trail to the kitchen really, really thinned out.

    It’s now Friday about 3pm, so just over 24 hours from the first trap being set and there’s maybe 5-10 still in the kitchen or in the livingroom but thats it. Which may seem like a lot still but I cant even explain how bad it was before.

    The traps still have liquid in them for now so I’m just going to watch and maybe use a 3rd but I’m pretty sure this solved the problem. I checked their ant hill outside and their numbers have definitely dwindled.

    You can see how uninterested they are in the raid bait next to it in my pics. Thats how they’ve mostly been with them since putting them down. I did fold up a bit of newspaper to make like a ramp for them to get in the Terro bait easier.

    I’m forever only buying this stuff from now on. It’s always worked within a couple days and it gets the trail leading elsewhere in the house to stop within hours. Other brands can’t even come close.

    Extra bonus is that Terro is pet safe too. Obviously I wouldn’t bottle feed my pets with it and I always try to put it where they can’t get it. So far I’ve had them around 3 cats and 2 dogs and none have even been a little bit interested in them. Which I was worried about one of my boss’s dogs because she will eat anything and everything and with crazy speed. So luckily they’re not interested in them like the ants are.

    I would just put them tilted upwards for a few minutes before opening so all the liquid goes to the bottom and away from the opening. I haven’t had any issues with the liquid coming out of the tube, but I’ve seen other reviews say it’s super sticky and hard to get up. So I always do that before opening and haven’t had an issue yet, even with putting them in hard to reach places like behind furniture.

    I always try to put them directly in their trail or as close to it as possible. And put it close to where they’re getting in from. I don’t find dead ant bodies all over the house when I’ve done this the few times I used them (not including the ones that have gotten stepped on of course).

    But seriously this stuff is amazing and it’s 1000% worth the wait for delivery if these aren’t available in store. Because this will get rid of your ant problem quicker than using any other brand even if you have to wait a few days.

  3. Laura Lee

    Yes, it is effective.

  4. Taylor Sypherd

    We were overrun with tiny ants that were coming in through/around the kitchen window. My husband silicone caulked it shut, but those tiny little critters kept on coming. I rarely resort to poison, but the situation kept getting worse, despite our best efforts to keep it tidy. So I bought Raid ant baits (they were half the price) and waited on *baited* breath. NOTHING. They didn’t work AT all. In fact, they may have attracted more ants – the problem kept compounding. I followed all directions exactly and our ant friends kept multiplying. We stuck it out for 3 weeks, to be SURE (instructions do say it can take a while). NO.

    So I returned to Amazon to try the next thing, which was this product. It arrived in a couple of days. At the time of unboxing, there were about 35 ants on the counter. I removed 4 liquid baits (package of 12) and snapped off the lids. I placed them around the kitchen window and on the back sides of the counter where we tend to forget crumbs and splashes. I went and folded a load of laundry. AND I HAVEN’T SEEN AN ANT SINCE. Like, I’m saying these had a 100% success rate in, like 10 minutes. If it hadn’t happened in my own kitchen, I don’t think I would have believed it. Over a week later, still have not seen a SINGLE ant.

    So I don’t know what kind of sorcery this is… but if you’re considering RAID because it’s cheap (don’t!), you’re gonna want to splurge on this product instead. AND, I have 8 baits left in case I need them in another area or another year. SCORE.

  5. Han Man Teh

    It works!

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