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Did you know that your thermostat controls roughly half your energy bill? 

This new Nest thermostat can help your home run more efficiently. Connect it to your OhmConnect account, and we’ll switch it into Eco Mode during #OhmHours, saving you money on your bill while earning you 3x on average.

Looking for a helpful smart thermostat at a cozy price? Look no further than the new Google Nest Thermostat. It programs itself. It helps save energy. You can control it from anywhere with the Nest app.
Be sure to check if the new Google Nest Thermostat is compatible with your home using Nest’s Compatibility Checker.
    Technical Details ▾ 
    Generation  4th Gen.
    Color Select from the list above
    Dimensions 3.3 Diameter x 1.07
    Weight 4.9 oz
    Screen 2.4-inch QVGA LCD  (240 x 320 pixels)
    Battery Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    Certification ENERGY STAR
    Warranty 1-year Standard Warranty. Learn more at
    In the Box ▾
  • Display
  • Thermostat display
  • Base
  • Mounting screws and labels
  • Quick start card
  • Welcome guide
  • Safety and warranty
  • Optional Trim Kit (sold separately)
  • Compatibility ▾

    The Nest Thermostat works with most 24V heating and cooling systems, including furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, and heat pumps with either forced air or radiant delivery.

    It works with conventional systems that have one stage of heating and cooling and a second stage of either heating or cooling.

    It works with heat pumps that have one stage of heating and cooling and either aux or emergency heat. And it works with HVAC fans.

    The Nest Thermostat is designed to work if your home doesn’t have a common (“C”) wire. In some cases, particularly if you have a heating- or cooling-only system or use a zone controller, a C wire or other power-supply accessory may be necessary. See for details.

    Installation ▾
    The Google Nest Thermostat is easy to install yourself and connect to your OhmConnect account.
    Just follow the steps in Nest’s installation video. Or, get a local pro to install your thermostat for you.
    *Rewards currently limited to California households with an active PG&E, SCE, or SDG&E utility account.
    * Google Nest Thermostat is a trademark of Google LLC.

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