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What is Surebeauty G5 Massager Machine
This Surebeauty G5 Massage Machine used by professional beautician.Combining advantages of the same kind American and French product, it solves the problem of bad durability which exists generally in the same kind product .It is a high quality equipment used in cosmetology field with independent intellectual property. Having the characteristic of new  design, simple operation  and durability  Surebeauty g5 massager machine  is the best choice to be used in salon, hospital, gymnasium,school and family to refresh and rejuvenate the skin & body.
1.The round massage head of rubber has the function of soft relax massage to improve internal circulation. It is used on belly to speed peristalsis of stomach intestine and excretion.The recommended speed is about 800rpm(Use the disposable film cover during operation)
2. Use massage head with circle dots to massage rough and wrinkle skin, which can remove wrinkles, grind and clean skin. Also this massage head can be applied to heal the wound of the surface skin and the deep fibrous tissue &remove scars. the recommend speed is 1600rpm-2400rpm.
3.Use half-sphere massage head to massage muscle, back & waist and stimulate the muscle of insufficient sport. The massage and stimulation prevent muscle from fatigue and hardening, keep joint flexibility and diminish joint edema.With speed of 2400rpm-3200rpm, the vibration aimed at fat part is applied to soften and remove the fat as well as lose weight.
4.Columnar massage head is called as massage’s fingers in the stimulation of muscle. By squeeze and vibration, the massage head is used to diminish pain which is caused by hard, sprained or tired muscle.With speed of2400rpm-3200rpm, the vibration aimed at fat part is applied to soften and remove the fat as lose weight.
5.adjustable height tube connector can be used with various kinds of spare parts to make directional impact. The speed is 1600rpm-2400rpm
Why Surebeauty
Improve Internal Circulation
Remove Wrinkles, Grind and Clean Skin
Diminish Pain
Cellulite Removal
Stylish Modern Design
Supplied with Five Applicator Heads
Skin Rejuvenation
Feature Of Surebeauty G5 Massage Machine
1.Weight LossUsing the aerobic massage function of most vibration plates, the vibrating effect can help to reduce surplus fat and water retention.
2.Increased Metabolism & Improved Blood CirculationThe vibrating effect produced by most vibration plates can help to accelerate the blood flow in your body, this in turn helps to increase your body’s metabolism. This helps to reduce the effects of age on blood vessels that may have decreased in diameter due to cholestrol, fatty deposits or other harmful deposits.
3.Accelerates Stomach & Bowel PeristalsisAgain using the massage settings on many vibration plates, the acupuncture points of the body can be stimulated and help to accelerate the peristalsis of the bowel and stomach, helping to improve the effects of constipation, and can also help to purify the body from toxins.
4.Improves Sleep PatternsThe vibration effects from vibration plates can also help to increase the conductance of the body’s nervous system. This can help to improve people’s sleeping patterns who are having restless nights.
5.Body Building & StrengtheningMany people use vibration plates for body building and strengthening their muscles, allowing a 1 hour work out to be condensed into 10 minutes. The higher the vibration setting, the harder your muscles have to work to carry out the exercise routine you are carrying out.
Package List
Main machine x 1
Vibrate handle x1
massage head x 5
Power Supply Cord x 1

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